A startup growing a category from the grassroots up


Robert Balog - Creative

Topher Burns - Strategy

Chris Allen - Design


Susan Ameel - Founder & CEO

Josh Levine - COO

Frank Pederson - Advisor

Every week, in modest town offices and converted VFW halls across the country, the future is taking shape.



That’s where the administrators and citizens of countless local jurisdictions are making decisions about the newest industries, like cannabis, solar, and EV.

And because of that, the horde of data that emerges from these meetings—the rulings, regulations, meeting notes, and license info—has huge business value that no one has tapped. Until now.

Obedio provides companies in these escalating industries access to the data that will determine where they will be tomorrow, sometimes down to the precise city block.

Though a new company in an entirely new category, Obedio wanted an identity that said more than “new.” Like most early-stage startups, Obedio didn’t need an 80-page brand book. Unlike many early-stage companies, they had revenue-generating customers and active market needs. 

So together we focused on the brand essentials that would help them tell their story, immediately: a tight brand strategy, key identity elements, and digital design direction. A simple, forward-looking graphic style combined with a color palette that felt grounded and solid helps them navigate a rapidly changing space with the gravitas they’ve already earned. 

Like the industries they serve, Obedio is poised for huge growth. With an identity that will grow alongside them.