Big Plans for a Small World


Rick Hamell, Founder & CEO
Chelsea Griggs, CMO
Will Carter, CRO
Jen Le, VP Marketing and Communications
Amanda Kay, Creative Director


Robert Balog, Creative
Topher Burns, Strategy
Amelia Del Monte, Delivery
Kendall Beverige, Strategy
Lauren Kosteki, Strategy
James Tung, Design
Nick Mitchell Maiato, Creative


Conor Sweeney, Co-Founder & COO
Sam Schwinghamer, CWO

About 200 million years ago, when the world was a single, borderless landmass, a sauropod on the move could cross from present-day Brazil to Cameroon in a single step. Fast forward to today, and, for businesses, the world feels somewhat similar.



With supply chains, networks, and teams stitching much of the planet together into a single market, innovative startups like Atlas have been key to making this new borderless world possible. 

Atlas enables businesses to stand up staff in dozens of overseas countries without having to establish a legal entity in each. This means companies can quickly expand capabilities without adding excess liability. As pandemic-driven demand pushed Atlas to scale far and wide, they engaged territorial to rebuild their brand from the ground up, to strengthen their scaling efforts and help as they prepared to level-up their fundraising.

We began with a new brand strategy that focused on a high-value, growth-minded audience, and aligned the brand with their bravery and optimism. Atlas doesn’t just envision a world where growth thrives across borders and cultures, they build the software and solutions to make it a reality.

The new brand identity likewise puts the idea of growth at its core. A distinct diagonal cut in the letterforms recalls an upward trending bar graph, which is reinforced by subtle movements when the brand is animated. True to its namesake, the Atlas identity system features regular use of the globe as a motif, while throughout, bold typography and contrasting sharp to curved forms convey clarity and honesty, approachability and professionalism.

Since we were building a system to be deployed in diverse markets and cultural contexts, we ranked accessibility amongst our highest aims. We chose colors and typography to achieve high accessibility rating, and developed a graphic language that would be broadly usable and relevant.

It’s often said that the world is getting smaller. We like to think that companies like Atlas are expanding our wingspan so we can wrap our arms around more of it.