A start-up taking big swings


Robert Balog, Creative

Topher Burns, Strategy

Evelyn Frisson, Research

Terin Izil, Writing

Suzanne Merrill, Design


Jonathan Carson, Co-Founder & Chair

Rameez Tase, Co-Founder & CEO

Sarah Kim, VP of Operations

Ishita Aloni, Director of Engineering

(Smashing Boxes.)

Nick Jordan, CEO

Emily Neville, Director of New Business

Griffon Kelton, Director of UX

Steven Banfi, Sr. Designer

Lisa Cronk, UI Designer

Everything from toothbrushes to cooking shows to ashtanga yoga has embraced the subscription model.



The shift from addressing consumers to pleasing subscribers has huge implications for brands, and Antenna is helping some of the best find their way.

Though leading a start-up in its earliest days, co-Founders Jonathan Carson and Rameez Tase have been focused on building a company that could scale very large and have real staying power. They had the killer app, the growth plan dialed in, and were assembling a league of extraordinary gentlefolk. They just needed a brand that reflected their ambition and quality.

The new Antenna brand speaks with the kind of quiet authority anyone who works with them will instantly recognize. Their logo emanates an iconic stature that the young company—already a leader in its industry—naturally inhabits. And nestled in the heart of the identity is a call out to Antenna’s media heritage—the signature yellow drawn from the yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz, an important technological milestone in cultural history.

We like to say that “the workshop is our interface.” So the process with Antenna was incredibly collaborative. Which proved to be as valuable for Antenna as it was for us—the branding process let Antenna team members talk to one another about purpose and ambition when they might otherwise have gotten the chance. And that was indispensable for a fast-growing start up.

Rameez recently said to us, “You know, I was skeptical at first. But after going through this process with you, ‘focus on your brand’ is one of the top three things I would tell other founders to do.” That filled our cups, for sure.