A hard-working marketing plan for the softest fibers on Earth


Robert Balog, Creative

Topher Burns, Strategy

Michelle Barna-Stern, Marketing Strategy


Lyndie Benson, Founder & CEO

Mike Basteguian, President, Made-Well LA  

Anna Schilling, Creative Director

Malibu is a place of transitions and contrasts.



It’s where sand meets concrete, where curling blue waves meet jagged mountain chaparral. So it’s entirely fitting that Bleusalt, a fashion brand born in this place, effortlessly navigates the boundary between elegance and comfort.

Founded in 2017 as apparel for locals who lived the Malibu lifestyle, Bleusalt quickly grew to become a must-have for those who desired comfort without sacrificing refinement and style.

That’s when Bleusalt engaged territorial to help it cross another threshold: from scrappy, clothing startup to a DTC marketing and conversion machine.

As a brand, Bleusalt already had a distinct point of view. It needed to operationalize that POV across its marketing mix through audience- and channel-appropriate messaging. We developed a comprehensive communication strategy to build brand affinity and help Bleusalt look beyond product promotions and sales for sustainable growth.

From content pillars to customer journey, audience segmentation to channel strategy, we built a plan to get PR, performance marketing, site development, and creative all singing from the same songsheet.

The result was to bring more people into Bleusalt’s unique vision of modern luxury: to live life with one foot on the sand and one on the street.ay operations.