Creating a harmonic convergence in ecommerce


Robert Balog, Creative

Topher Burns, Strategy

Michelle Barna-Stern, Strategy

James Tung, Design

Amelia Del Monte, Project Management


Adam Christensen, Chief Marketing Officer

Courtney Blaskower, Head of Brand Creative

Kathy Palmisano, Senior Brand Designer

Tyler Christensen, Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

Here’s a truth that the best entrepreneurs know: innovation rarely happens in a vacuum. It emerges when people, ideas, and resources converge. A business owner with an idea meets a technology producer with a product that helps make it possible and—blammo!—magic ensues.



Turns out there’s a marketplace for this kind of constructive convergence. And AppDirect built it.

AppDirect brings together the folks who create technology, the businesses who buy it, and the experts who can connect and advise them, creating an ecosystem in which the success of one generates success for all. They asked territorial to help create a brand that brings their unique power of convergence to life, and empowers them to imagine new ways to bring their customers together.

The new AppDirect brand identity strategically employs transparency and color to reveal the places where elements and ideas converge to create new shapes and components. As an embodiment of their three-sided marketplace, the triangular logo highlights where interests overlap, and plays with dimension to suggest an infinity loop of benefit.

It was important that the brand not feel too “techy” nor try too hard to be friendly. As a continuation of the central motif, the brand highlights the convergence of technology with humanity. It is neither cold and mechanical, nor bubbly and cartoonish. Precise, engineered forms meet approachable colors and type.

The brand identity process accompanied and facilitated an internal agenda of clarity and simplification for AppDirect. And that in turn has focused their mission to simplify the process of buying, selling, and managing the technology businesses increasingly need for their day-to-day operations.